Piano Concerto (18:00)

My Piano Concerto with Chamber Orchestra was written in the spring and summer of 2005. No commission was involved, though I had a pianist / conductor in mind; I simply wished to write a piano concerto. Initially, the concerto was scored for single woodwinds and brass (and soloist). When I completed this 12 minute score, I gave it into the hands and ears of my husband Stephen and my friend and colleague Lee Actor, whose response and incisive critique encouraged me to revise and expand the piece. By the middle of the summer of 2005 I'd completed the concerto once again! In its final version, the concerto is scored for piano and chamber orchestra, and is a full 18 minutes in length — a veritable epic by my standards.

The Piano Concerto unfolds in three movements: A Gathering, A Ballad, and A Dance. Each movement features lyrical themes, and my characteristic shifting compound meters and tonal/modal sound. My thanks to Stephen and Lee for their help in bringing the concerto to fruition.

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