Event Horizon

(Available as a clarinet concerto AND for chamber orchestra without soloist AND as a quintet)


Listen to Prelude
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Listen to Night
(MP3, 1.8 MB, 4:00)

Listen to E.H.
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Violin(s) (1-4)
Cello(s) (1-4)

Total Timing: 15 Minutes

I wrote Event Horizon after reading William J. Kaufmann's Black Holes and Warped Spacetime, an armchair excursion through some of the most mysterious and magnificent phenomena in the universe. The title of my piece is taken from the term that astronomers use to describe the perimeter of a black hole -- the point of no return.

The work was originally a single-movement concert overture, written for Jason Love and the New Horizons Chamber Ensemble. I added two new movements, Prelude and Night, in the summer of 2002.