Piano Trio
(for Violin or Oboe, Cello or Bassoon, and Piano)

Listen to Mvmt. 1
(MP3, 2.2 MB, 4:45)

Listen to Mvmt. 2
(MP3, 1.5 MB, 3:30)

Listen to Mvmt. 3
(MP3, 2.5 MB, 5:20)

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Violin or Oboe
Cello or Bassoon

Total Timing: 10:00
Mvmt. 1 Timing: 4:45
Mvmt. 2 Timing: 3:30
Mvmt. 3 Timing: 5:30

Piano-only recordings
("Music Minus Two"):
Mvt. 1 Piano (+ 2 meas.)
Mvt. 2A Pno (+ 2 meas.)
Mvt. 2B (m34) Pno (+1m)
Mvt. 3A Piano
Mvt. 3B Piano

Piano + Bassoon:
Mvt. 1 Bsn+Pno
Mvt. 2A Bsn+Pno (+2m)
Mvt. 2B (m34) B+P (+1m)
Mvt. 3A Bsn+Pno
Mvt. 3B Bsn+Pno

Piano + Oboe:
Mvt. 1 Obo+Pno (+2m)
Mvt. 2A Obo+Pno (+2m)
Mvt. 2B (m34) O+P (+1m)
Mvt. 3A Obo+Pno
Mvt. 3B Obo+Pno