Dance Card: I Consolation Rag


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Lura Johnson, Piano

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Instrumentation: Piano

Total Dance Card Timing: 20 Min.

Consolation Rag Timing: 3 Min.

Consolation Rag is dedicated to:
Bruce Allen Hardy

The ragtime style at its most basic means music with a syncopated (or ragged) tune over a solid, march-like accompaniment, usually in 2/4 meter. Ragtime was most popular from around 1900-1918 and is considered to be the first distinctly American musical genre.

The structure of my Consolation Rag is: Introduction-A-B-Intro'-C-D-Intro-A-B-C-Coda, where D is a canon and the Coda is a variation on the Introduction. I christened this dance Consolation Rag because it was my third, and finally successful, attempt at writing a rag - the previous two efforts failing to be "ragged" enough and ending up far too complex.